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The Power of Choice with Change

Change, particularly unexpected change can bring about a range of emotions. These include anxiety, stress, frustration, and for some – excitement. How does one continue to navigate the mirage of emotions that can accompany change? One way is to intentionally choose your focus. Intentionally choosing your focus doesn’t mean you aren’t supposed to stress or worry. It doesn’t mean you are wrong to feel anxious. You are human. Acknowledge your emotions and decide how to move forward. Don’t park and live there. Choose to focus on what you CAN control in the middle of the change. We all know we can control our own attitudes and responses and we also know that might be easier said than done (Let’s just be honest). We can also choose to see what it is we are thankful for in the midst of the change. Are you thankful for safety? Are you thankful that you have enough experiences to move forward? Health? Friends or family that you can rely on? Life? Gratitude really can change things. It can help your anxieties and worries to take a back seat. If you are struggling with change, a constant moving target, or the pressures of now – I hear you, I see you, and I believe in you. Choose to focus on the pieces you can control. #ProgressOverPerfection

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