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Be still and move on

Many educators and certainly Ed-Leaders counted down the days to winter break. It was a highly anticipated reprieve for what has become a tougher year in education than anticipated. The reasons for that are many. Over the past calendar year, we have become keenly aware of how little we actually control, our levels of resilience, our ability to adapt, and the frequent need for respite in our line of work. Regardless of your take on 2021, I invite you to experience the delicate balance of being still and moving on.

Be still. Most of us have heard or used the phrase “Be Still.” Whether you reference that phrase from a faith background or another experience - the phrase often encourages us to take a moment to stop and reflect. Have you considered that while the word “still” represents inaction - the phrase “be still” does indeed require action? Think about it. It takes intentional action to stop and “be still.” Stillness can provide us with the opportunity to actively reflect on our core. In order to consistently and effectively serve we must continually draw into the stillness inside. This necessary step can help us to courageously move on.

Move on. For you, 2021 may have been a roller coaster ride. It might have been filled with mixed emotions, challenges, joy, or growth opportunities. A quick search on the internet reveals doubts, fears, and unnerving questions as we head into a new year. The trauma of the past two years has left scars that can stunt our growth, propel us into over-action or leave us somewhere in between. Many have come to accept the reality that we are not in control of the universe, and it is our resilience skills and connection to others that has helped us to keep going. We must choose however, to move forward with intentionality. We must choose to live life on purpose, continue to learn from our experiences, and take intentional steps to become the best version of ourselves.

As we enter a new calendar year, I encourage each of you to put systems in place that support regular practice to be still and move on. Frequently reflect on your core, remind yourself of your why, consider your life-fit, and then courageously move on despite fears of the unknown. In doing so you open the door of opportunity to transform yourself and the life of those around you.

Self-Coaching Questions:

Be Still

What is your core?

How can stillness help you to move on?

What gets in the way of time to be still?

How can you change that?

What do you need to let go of in order for you to create space for regular stillness?

Move On

What is your vision of your best self?

How does that vision help you to serve others from a place of wellness?

In what areas of your personal and professional life do you need to courageously move on?

What’s one thing that you would do if you couldn’t fail?

What is at stake for you if you continue on the path of trying to do too much?

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